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Part II Earth Sciences

Welcome to Part II Earth Sciences!

The course in Part II differs from 1A and 1B in a few important ways:

1. Now you understand the fundamentals of Earth Sciences, Part II will take you towards the boundaries of the subject, and the areas of active research and controversies. As such, you will now be getting to grips with some of the primary scientific literature, and encountering subject areas where we do not yet know the definite answer. This is exciting and interesting, but will involve you making some changes to the way you work. We will talk about this in the Skills Course at the start of Michaelmas term.

2. You will have lots of contact time with your lecturers, who will be present in all of your practicals, and who will give you supervisions. It is important to take advantage of this time, and use the practicals to talk to us about the lecture you just saw, or other parts of the course, or how they relate to other things you know about. Talk to us about anything you like, not just the practical you are doing. Don’t be shy – we like nothing more than talking about our subjects, and there is no such thing as a stupid question.

3. You now have a wide choice of subjects to study, and will do three courses from the five on offer. Regardless of which three you choose, try and keep your thinking broad, and pay attention to the connections between the different courses. Earth Sciences is a truly interconnected subject, and the division into separate courses is merely for administrative reasons. We all study the same planet, so pay attention to the multiple cross-overs that exist between the courses.

Above all, enjoy yourselves, you will be finding out about some great science!

John Rudge, Part II Course Co-ordinator