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Part III - Examinations

Teaching and Examining Part III Earth Sciences


Project Field, lab, industrial or Library
Option Course

6 during Lent Term

Seminar Course Michaelmas and Easter
Field Course Easter vacation



Exam component Duration (hours) Marks Number of exams Total marks Notes
Seminar paper 3 6% 1 6% Two answers no more than one from each section. Section A: Topics based on the fourth year field trip, Section B: from a wide choice of questions on Earth Sciences
Options papers* 1.5 9% each 6 54% Take 6 papers from a choice of 15, one on each option course, some have associated assessed practicals
Research project record - 40% 1 40% 7,500 words
Viva 0.5 1 No formal mark %, used mainly to assess project mark and borderline marks overall
TOTAL 100%

* Examiners can, with due notice, set assessed practicals in any one option, counting up to 40% of the total marks for that option.

All candidates must submit records of field work and practical classwork, to be submitted by the last day of the practical examination.

General Points

All examination questions and projects will be marked by the separate Part III Board of Examiners. The marking criteria are given in Assessment criteria.

Each student will have a viva with an External Examiner as for Part II on the project and on any aspect of the course. As for Part II, practical class notebooks and records of field work should be handed in to Reception before the last day of the practical papers.


Past Tripos papers