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Part III - Important dates

Important dates in the academic year - Part III Earth Sciences

10 Oct 2017 Tuesday

Deadline for rocks for thin sections

If essential, up to ten thin sections will be made by the Department of key rocks associated with your project. Form to be completed in reception.

9 Oct 2017 Monday 12:00pm in Harker 2 Introduction to the Part III course, with Nick Butterfield. Followed by a buffet lunch with academic staff in the Common Room.
23 Oct 2017 Monday 12:30pm in Tilley Lecture Theatre

Simon Redfern will give a talk entitled: “How precise and accurate are your data? Do you know? Should you care?” - a guide to judging the reliability of your numbers.

29 Nov 2017 Wednesday

4:00-6:00pm Common Room

Part III poster display

16 Jan 2018 Tuesday

No later than 4:00pm - to Reception

Submission of Part III Project deadline

16-23 April 2018

Field trip to Spain