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Part III Options: Climate

CA: Rapid Climate Change and its Biogeochemical Impacts

Luke Skinner and Eric Wolff

8 lectures with practicals and seminars

A new Part III eight lecture option course, including practicals and 'current research' seminars on key topics, focusing on millennial and 'abrupt' climate change and its impacts on Earth's biogeochemical cycles.

Examination: The course will be examined by a 90-minute written exam.


CB: Isotope Geochemisty

Sasha Turchyn and David Hodell

8 lectures and practicals

This course is designed to provide an in-depth introduction to the principles of stable isotope geochemistry and their application to geological, biological and biogeochemical cycles.  The course will consist of lectures and a parallel series of practical laboratory exercises to provide hands-on analytical experience in the measurement of oxygen, carbon,  nitrogen, and sulfur isotopes in a variety of natural materials (water, carbonates, organic matter, and sulphur minerals.).  These isotopic signals allow the interpretation of modern and past biogeochemical cycling of elements at the Earth surface. Lectures will be designed to focus on one element and the application of its isotopes to exploring its modern cycle and past variability in the geological record.

Examination: Theory paper: 90 minutes.
Assessed practicals:  Marks split 70% to theory paper and 30% to practical paper.


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