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Part III - Project and managing research time

Part III Project Guide

The Part III project is an opportunity for you to develop your own ways of planning and executing a research project. Whilst individual styles of research vary, there are some common features:

  1. Most research projects have a number of components in common, for instance data gathering, data analysis, learning of techniques, library work, writing, drafting diagrams, ‘housekeeping’.
  2. These components do not necessarily have to be done in sequence, but can be overlapped to make best use of time. In particular, it is usually a mistake to delay writing your report until you feel all your data have been fully analysed. Not until you try to explain your results to others will some of the gaps in your analytical reasoning be revealed.
  3. Different research tasks require different levels of concentration, allowing less demanding tasks to be done when you might otherwise feel too tired to make progress. For instance, drafting diagrams typically requires less concentration that writing text.
  4. Do not expect your research, however well planned, to proceed in a straight line towards your final report. Most ultimately successful projects involve a good number of blind alleys, backtracks, and technical hitches. Learn from these rather than get frustrated by them.

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