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Clare G Donaldson

Clare G Donaldson

Research Student

Clare College
Bullard Labs.
Madingley Rise, Madingley Road

Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 37186

Research Interests

My research uses seismological techniques to study and monitor volcanoes, under the supervision of Professor Robert White. I use noise interferometry to measure velocity variations of the edifice of Kilauea summit, in Hawaii. I have studied how the velocity changes as the volcano deforms in so-called deflation-inflation events. Continuous measurement of seismic velocity is an exciting new tool in volcano monitoring, since velocity is sensitive to pressurisation and magma transport. I am also starting to use shear-wave splitting of local earthquakes to look at anisotropy in the shallow crust of the Northern Volcanic Zone in Iceland.

Research Supervision

Professor Robert White


Volcanology ; Geophysics ; Seismology

Key Publications

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