Talks and Seminars

There is an active series of talks and seminars held within the Department throughout the academic year. Staff and students alike are encouraged to attend them, since it allows everyone to learn more, discuss topics and experience a wide variety of speakers.

Details of how to get to either the main Department building or the Bullard Laboratories can be found on our Contact page.

Downtown seminars


At the main Department building ("downtown"), the seminars will take place in the Tilley Lecture Theatre (Michaelmas term) or the Harker 1 seminar room (Lent and Easter terms) at 4.00 pm after tea and biscuits at 3.45 pm in the Department common room.

Mineral Sciences

The Mineral Science Seminars are held on Mondays at 4 pm during term in the Harker II seminar room.

Isotope Coffee

A series of informal geochemistry and petrology seminars held on Fridays at 11am during term in the Harker II seminar room.

Bullard seminars

Bullard Colloquia

At the Bullard Laboratories, talks start at 4:00 pm in the Wolfson Lecture Theatre, with tea and biscuits beforehand in the Old House.

During Michaelmas Term, the exception is Dec 3rd when it will be at 2.00 pm (because of the Part III poster day at 4.00 pm).

Bullard Tea Talks

An informal seminar series in geophysics with talks given by students. Talks take place in the tea room of the old house at 4.30pm on Fridays.


Seminars in Associated Institutes

BP Institute

Institute of Theoretical Geophysics

Cambridge Quaternary Discussion Group Talks

Sedgwick Club Talks


Upcoming Talks and Seminars:

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You can get email reminders sent to you for all of these talks by going to Logon using Raven, find the series of talks you are interested in (earth sciences in the search box should help) then click on "send you email reminders"