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Dr Natalie Roberts

Dr Natalie Roberts

Research Fellow (JRF)

Climate Change and Earth-Ocean-Atmosphere Systems

Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 333449

Research Interests

Research: Past ocean circulation and understanding geochemical proxies

My current project is focused on reconstructing water mass source changes and flow speed changes in the deep north Atlantic. The aim of this project is to better understanding the link between deep north Atlantic circulation and northern hemisphere climate change, from the last glacial maximum (~21,000 years ago) to the present.

The main geochemical tools I use are neodymium isotopes, which are used to reconstruct the direction of current flow, and 231Pa/230Th0 to reconstruct speed.

I am also interested in exactly how these geochemical signatures are recorded in the sediment, and in particular their association with foraminifera. Using solution and laser ablation ICPMS I am looking at trace element concentrations in foraminifera and how these relate to changing redox conditions.


I enjoy communicating science to the general public, which so far has resulting in two articles:

and a video podcast:

Key Publications