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Dr Ross Parnell-Turner

Dr Ross  Parnell-Turner

Research Associate

Geophysics, Geodynamics and Tectonics


Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 337064

Research Interests

I am a geophysicist studying the link between phenomena we can observe at the surface, such as faulting and volcanism, and large scale convective processes which take place deep within Earth's interior.

I use seismic reflection imaging, along with other geophysical methods, to unravel the connections between mantle convection, plate spreading, and surficial ups and downs in the oceans and fringing continental margins.  I am also interested in the formation of oceanic crust where plate spreading is accommodated along low-angle detachment faults, which may play a major role in the formation of oceanic basins.

Prior to my PhD I spent four years in the hydrocarbon industry, where I worked on various exploration and development projects in North Africa, Trinidad & Tobago and the UK Continental Shelf.


Above: Seismic reflection profile, ~1200 km in length, spanning the entire North Atlantic Ocean from Greenland margin in the west (left) to European margin in the east (right).  Mid-oceanic spreading axis at centre.  V-shaped ridges of thickened crust imaged beneath sediments.  These V-shaped ridges contain a continuous record of mantle plume activity over the past 50 million years. Red line = filtered satellite gravity anomaly. From Parnell-Turner et al. (2014), Nature Geosci. 7, 914-919.

Key Publications