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Class of 2008 Award

The Class of 2008 Award is a Mapping Project Fund managed by the Class of 2008. The fund awards a single annual award to a group of students to contribute to the cost of their Mapping Project.

2018 recipients

Mapping in Kvamshesten Basin, Norway - Lucy Allington, Jess Payne, Chris Hewetson and Hannah Marsden

'Despite the weather being typical for western Norway, we thoroughly enjoyed our mapping projects, quickly getting used to lunch in the storm shelter and becoming very attached to our waterproofs! The exposure was incredible, and the scenery was frequently breath-taking, so much so that it took a while to get used to the lack of waterfalls and mountains back home, though I think we were all quite happy to not walk up any hills for a while!.'

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Visit to Jostedalsbreen glacier
The four of us enjoying a visit to Jostedalsbreen glacier on one of our days off towards the end of the trip.