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PhD - Overseas Students

Please note you need to raise your own funding by applying for appropriate studentships, usually in your own country: £29,343 for fees and £14,100 for maintenance a year in 2019/20

= £43,443 x 3 years = £130,329.

There is a helpful section of the Prospectus called Frequently Asked Questions

Cambridge Trusts Scholarships also provide highly-competitive full-cost awards. Closing date for all applicants early Dec

Gates, Cambridge Trust, Commonwealth and other funding opportunities

Gates Cambridge Scholarships are highly-competitive full-cost awards open to students from every country of the world (except the United Kingdom) who wish to study in Cambridge. Closing date for applicants from USA mid-Oct Closing date for applicants from other countries early Dec

The Gates themselves will particularly focus on how well you fit the bill as the 'ideal candidate', you should read the details here and perhaps make sure your referees are also aware of what they are looking for (i.e a commitment to improving lives and leadership).

There may be other funding opportunities for students of particular nationalities, the CAMFUNDS web tool includes many of these.