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eBooks for Earth Sciences 

An increasing number of books relevant to Earth Sciences are now available via EBSCO and MyiLibrary, along with a variety of University Library aggregated resources, such as Cambridge Collections Platform, the Oxford English Dictionary and a rather large back file of not just journals but also full text ebooks from Elsevier at ScienceDirect. The AGU reference Shelf provides 3 Handbooks of Physical Constants on line. The World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) 1990-2002 has produced a series of atlases available to access online.


You can access these books via Newton and through Cambridge Library Gateway on library search. Access from outside the domain is via Newton and will present you with a request for your raven username and password. Clicking on the cover images below will take you to the Newton entry or the organisation portal for each ebook.


Authors D -l  Authors M - R  Authors: S - Z



Ahlberg, Per

Major Events in Early Vertebrate Evolution: Palaeontology, Phylogeny, Genetics and Development


Allen, Philip A.

Earth Surface Processes


Allen, Philip A.

Basin Analysis: Principles and Applications


Andrews, David G.

Introduction to Atmospheric Physics


Archer, David

Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast


Barry, Chorley & Chase

Atmosphere, weather and climate


Benton, M. J.

Vertebrate palaeontology {3rd ed.}


Bigg, Grant R.

Oceans and climate (2nd ed)

 Boggs Petrology of sedimentary rocks

Bird, Eric

Coastal geomorphology  : an introduction 

 Boggs Petrology of sedimentary rocks

Boggs Jr, Sam

Petrology of Sedimentary Rocks;


Raymond S. Bradley.

Paleoclimatology (2nd ed.)



Palaeobiology II

 Buatois Ichnology

Buatois, L. A. & M. Gabriela Mángano

Ichnology Organism-Substrate Interactions in Space and Time



Fundamentals of fluvial geomorphology


Clack, Jennifer A.

Gaining ground (2nd ed.)


Clarkson, E. N. K.

Invertebrate palaeontology and evolution 


Conway-Morris, Simon

Life's solution


Cox, A.

Plate Tectonics: How It Works



Authors D - l  Authors: M- R  Authors: S - Z


  Great Ice AgeWOCE AtlasInvertabrate Palaeontology and EvolutionEvolutionOceans and ClimateAGU Reference ShelfFossils at a Glance

These books, and hundreds of others, are made available as part of a project developed by the College Libraries Forum and funded by a donation from Professor Robert Z. Aliber, of St John's College Cambridge, Professor of International Economics and Finance Emeritus, Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago and support by virtually all Colleges, 25 Departments and Faculties and the Isaac Newton Trust. To find out more about this initiative and how to best use ebooks@cambridge please click on this link.