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Department of Earth Sciences


Earth Sciences Graduate Careers

The Cambridge Natural Sciences Tripos will give you a substantially broader scientific training than that of most other universities, which makes Cambridge graduates—including Earth scientists—highly sought after.  

From environmental geology and hydrogeology to scientific research and publishing, there are numerous career paths in Earth Sciences. However, Earth Sciences graduates are by no means restricted to 'traditional' geological jobs.

A degree in Earth Sciences will equip you with a broad skillset—ideal for pursuing almost any career. Our course can teach you how to:

  • Problem solve and think critically.
  • Develop practical skills in the lab and the field.
  • Make detailed observations.
  • Analyse many types of data.
  • Draw logical conclusions from diverse observations.
  • Communicate your understanding of scientific topics.

These skills, along with many others, make an Earth Sciences graduate highly qualified for a job within, or outside, the Earth Sciences.

Career Profiles

You can explore the range of careers open to an Earth Sciences graduate first-hand from our former students and researchers on our Career Profiles page. Read about:

  • Why they chose Earth Sciences in first year.
  • What made them stay with us for their full degree.
  • How Earth Sciences has shaped their career.

Careers Event & Talks

The Sedgwick Club (the official student Earth Sciences society) hold career-oriented talks throughout the academic year, and host an annual Careers Event in mid-November. They use the event to showcase the multitude of career options accessible to Earth Sciences graduates.

Careers Service

All undergraduates, postgraduates, and alumni have access to the University’s Careers Service, located on Mill Lane, who can provide detailed careers advice.

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