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This is the summary reading list for Option 2, taught by Nicky White. Please refer to each set of lecture notes for more focused reading suggestions.

Option 2 - Probing Lithospheric Dynamics through Space and Time (Nicky White)

Lecture 1 - advanced stretching

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Lecture 2 - uplift and denudation


Lecture 3 - carbon sequestration

  • Bickle, Mike, Andy Chadwick, Herbert E. Huppert, Mark Hallworth, and Sarah Lyle. 2007. 'Modelling Carbon Dioxide Accumulation at Sleipner: Implications for Underground Carbon Storage'. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 255 (1–2): 164–76.
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Lecture 4 - seismic oceanography

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Lecture 5 - dynamic topography 1

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Lecture 6 - dynamic topography 2 (models)

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Lecture 7 - modern and ancient landscapes

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Lecture 8 - surface manifestations of mantle convection

  • Jones, Stephen M., Nicky White, and John Maclennan. 2002. 'V-Shaped Ridges around Iceland: Implications for Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Mantle Convection'. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 3 (10): 1–23.
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