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Sample preparation

Different types/size geological sample can be accommodated in our Laser Ablation system because of its in-house designed sample holder. There are several requirements for the samples:

  • Polished  1 or ½ inch epoxy disc
  • Standard (7.3 x 2.5 cm) sample thin-section / or grains of sample (foraminifera shells) attached to the glass slide using carbon tape
  • Semi-flat/polished slab of rocks/coral speleothems with dimensions no larger than 13.8 cm x 8 cm or combination of smaller blocks with same total area.  (13.5 x 3cm –preferable)


We have a set of NIST glass (610-614) for trace metal analyses of silicate based samples.

We also have a collection of well-characterised carbonate standards (trace metals, Mg isotopes, U/Th, B isotopes).


Example of standard sample holder (12 -1 inch +6 1/2 inch discs + 4 glass slides)