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Department of Earth Sciences

The library at the Bullard labs showing a fireplace, a table and books shelves; image credit Rawlinson copyright

Visiting the Library

The Earth Sciences Library holds monographs, periodicals, reports, and maps covering all aspects of the Earth Sciences. It has two sites (Downing & Bullard), which are open to all members of the Earth Sciences Department, from undergraduate through to faculty staff; as well as other members of the University, visiting scholars, and members of the public

All visitors must check in with the librarian on their first visit.

All University members may use the Library facilities and borrow material from its collections. All borrowing is electronic and requires registration with a valid University card/University Library card.

Members of the public are welcome to consult the Library collections, but cannot borrow items, and should to make an appointment for visiting the Library. Please give details of requested material, as items from our closed stores, i.e., anything predating 1980, will have to be sourced prior to your visit.

For more information on Library collections and facilities, please visit the Library Resources page.

Downing site Library

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 11:00* - 19:00

Accessing material: Please on contact the library staff if you would like to borrow or have items fetched from the closed store.

* I am at the mercy of an appalling bus service 

If you are not a member of the Department, you will have to make an appointment to visit the Bullard Library by .

If you require a small amount of material from the Bullard Library, e.g., minimal photocopying, one journal volume, a single monograph, etc., then we can deliver this material to the Downing Site for you to pick up.

Contact Us

Department of Earth Sciences,
University of Cambridge,
Downing Street,
United Kingdom 

Telephone: +44 (0)1223 333429
Fax: 01223 333450

Email: Please send any and all general enquiries relating to the Library to  (and not to individual staff members unless you have been asked to), as this will enable us to deal with your query more swiftly. Matters relating to the library web site should be forwarded to .

Find Us: Access the University's map selection of Cambridge, or view a plan of the Downing site to help locate the Department of Earth Sciences (Downing & Bullard sites). Library & library office floor plans are also available.


Much of the original collection owned by the Earth Sciences Library, including many rare volumes, was originally collected by John Woodward* and Adam Sedgwick, in whose honour the Sedgwick Museum was built.

The original Library was constructed as part of the Sedgwick Museum building, which opened in 1904 and, with the exception of two bookcases near the fireplace, looks exactly as it would have done in 1904.

The Geophysics Library at the Bullard Laboratories began when the labs were first opened in 1951.

*Founder of the Woodwardian Professorship in Geology at Cambridge, a post held by Sedgwick for 55 years.

Earth Sciences Library Staff

The Librarian: