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  Author/Editor Title URL (hyperlink or copy + paste)
Marti volcanoes & environment Marti, Joan & Gerald Ernst Volcanoes and the environment

 McGuffie Climate modelling McGuffie, Kendal &  Ann Henderson-Sellers A Climate Modelling Primer 3e +CD
 Millson & Rigby Fossils at a glance Milsom, Clare Fossils at a glance
 Moore intro to vertebrates Moore, J. An introduction to the invertebrates 
Navrotsky Physics and chemistry of earth materials Navrotsky, Alexandra Physics and chemistry of earth materials Click here
 Nichols seds & strat Nichols, Gary Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
 Norman short into to dinosaurs Norman, David Dinosaurs: A Very Short Introduction
 Pain Physics of vibration Pain, H J Physics of vibrations and waves
 Parfitt fundamentals of volcanology Parfitt Fundamentals of physical volcanology
Putnis introduction to mineral sciences Putnis, Andrew An introduction to mineral sciences Book link
 Reading sedimentary environments Reading, Harold G. Sedimentary Environments: Processes, Facies and Stratigraphy
 Ridley evolution 2003 Ridley, Mark Evolution
 Ridley evolution 2005 Ridley, Mark Evolution
  Riley, K. F. Mathematical methods for physics and engineering : a comprehensive guide (3rd ed)
 Riley Mathematical methods Riley, K.F. Mathematical methods for physics and engineering: a comprehensive guide (2nd ed)