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C1: Geophysics Core Course

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Lecture 1 - James Jackson

  • Molnar, P. & Chen, W., 1982. Seismicity and mountain building, in: Mountain building processes (ed. Hsu, K.). Academic Press, 41-57. Available from ESC Library Office.

Lecture 2

Lecture 3 

Lecture 4

Lecture 5

Lecture 6

Lecture 7

  • Turcotte, D. L. & Schubert G., 2016. Geodynamics. Cambridge Univ. Press. Available from ESC Library Office.

Lecture 8

  • Richter, F. & McKenzie, D., 1978. Simple plate models of mantle convection. J. Geophys. 44, 441-471. Available from the Reprint Collection No. 478-479 in the ESC Library Office.

Lecture 9

Lectures 10-13 - Nicky White

  • Fowler, C. M. R., 1990. The Solid Earth: An Introduction to Global Geophysics. Second Edition, 16th printing. Cambridge Univ. Press. Available from ESC Library Office.
  • Kennett, B. L. N., 2001. The Seismic Wavefield, Vol. 1: Introduction and Theoretical Development. Cambridge Univ. Press. Available from ESC Library Office and Bullard Labs.
  • Kennett, B. L. N., 2002. The Seismic Wavefield, Vol. 2: Interpretation of Seismograms on Regional and Global Scales. Cambridge Univ. Press. Available from ESC Library Office and Bullard Labs.
  • Lay, T. & Wallace, T. C., 1995. Modern Global Seismology. Academic Press. Available from Bullard Labs.

Lectures 14-16 - Nick Rawlinson

  • Lay, T. & Wallace, T. C., 1995. Modern Global Seismology. Academic Press. Available from Bullard Labs.
  • Stein, S. & Wysession, M., 2003. An Introduction to Seismology, Earthquakes, and Earth Structure. Blackwell. Available from ESC Library Office and Bullard Labs.

Lecture 17

Lecture 18

Lecture 19 - John Rudge

  • Bercovici, D., 2015. Mantle Dynamics: An Introduction and Overview, in: Treatise on Geophysics vol. 7, 1–22. doi:10.1016/B978-0-444-53802-4.00125-1. Access only available from an affiliated library, i.e., the Betty & Gordon Moore Library or the Haddon Library.
  • McKenzie, D. P., 1983. The Earth’s MantleScientific American 249(3), 66–78. doi:10.1038/scientificamerican0983-66

Lecture 20

Lecture 21

  • Zindler, A. & Hart, S., 1986. Chemical Geodynamics. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences 14(1), 493–571. doi:10.1146/annurev.ea.14.050186.002425

Lecture 22

  • McKenzie, D., Ford, P. G., Liu, F., Pettengill, G. H., 1992. Pancakelike Domes on Venus. Journal of Geophysical Research 97(E10), 15967-15976. doi:10.1029/92JE01349
  • Nimmo, F. & McKenzie, D., 1998. Volcanism and tectonics on Venus. Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences 26(1), 23–51. doi:10.1146/

Lecture 23 - David Al-Attar

Lecture 24