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Cetac Analyte G2 laser ablation system interfaced to an iCap-Q ICP-MS for high precision and accuracy biogenic carbonate analysis

Analyte G2

This is a 193 nm Excimer laser ablation system for microanalysis and in-situ geochemical measurements of trace metals in biogenic carbonates with high spatial resolution. This system was primarily designed for biogenic carbonates and can measure trace metals Sr, Mg, REE, and others in foraminifera, molluscs, speleothem and corals. 


The system has a dedicated quadrupoled based ICP-MS (iCap-Q Thermo®) for trace metal analyses and can also be connected to other mass spectrometers (Thermo® Element XR and Neptune Plus) for studies of isotope systems or very low concentration elements.



Key Capabilities

  • Large volume (150 mmx150mm) Helex ablation cell with in-house deigned sample holder for coral and speleothem samples (Video here).
  • Improved inner cup for ultra-fast washouts (0.25 sec to 1% levels) based on our Computational fluid dynamics modelling
Inner_cup_flow_figure Example of standard Photon Machine cup from CFD modelling
  • Rotating aperture with large beam size of 250x250 um which allows tracing of coral/speleothem growth bands and map complex geological features with less than 5 um spatial resolution. 
  • High performance transmission of ablated sample to the plasma, including CleanShot and various in-house build signal smoothing units (6 and 12 holes squids for smoothing 4hz and 2hz signals) and centrifuge particle filter with option of ‘wet plasma’ laser ablation. 
Coral/speliotherm holder (Four 1" and three 1/2"discs plus glass slides)

Sample preparation/Standards

Data processing


Please contact  for information about use of G2 laser ablation system.