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The 193 nm Excimer laser system is a world leading microanalytical technique for in-situ geochemical measurements of a large variety of geological samples. Our newly-acquired system is designed and in-house customised for measurements of trace metals in biogenic carbonates with ultra-high fig1spatial resolution.


Our laser ablation system has a dedicated ICP-MS (iCap-Q Thermo®) for routing trace metal analyses and can also be connected to advanced mass spectrometers (Thermo® Element XR and Neptune Plus) for studies of isotope systems or low concentration elements.


We also have an ESI NWR193uc laser ablation instrument that can be interfaced to a Perkin Elmer Nexion 350D ICP-MS, that also runs samples in solution mode




fig4  fig5



Earth Sciences at Cambridge

Saturday 22 September 2018: A one-day conference bringing together international scientists to mark 200 years since Adam Sedgwick was appointed to the Woodwardian Chair of Geology.

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