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Overall course reading list:


Top recommendation:


R.T. Pierrehumbert, Principles of Planetary Climate, esp. Chapter 1. (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK, ISBN:9780521865562, 2012).

Other texts covering large parts of the course:

M. Scheffer, Critical transitions in nature and society.  (Princeton University Press, Princeton, 2009).

W.F. Ruddiman, Earth’s climate Past and Future, (2001) W. H. Freeman and Co (New York).

H. Elderfield (ed.) The oceans and marine geochemistry, Treatise on Geochemistry vol. 6 (2006) Elsevier.

S. Emerson and J. Hedges, Chemical Oceanography and the Marine Carbon Cycle, (2008) Cambridge University Press.

J.T.Houghton, Global warming, the complete briefing, (2004), Cambridge University Press.

Goosse H., P.Y. Barriat, W. Lefebvre, M.F. Loutre and V. Zunz, (date of view). Introduction to climate dynamics and climate modeling. Online textbook available at


Useful web resources: International Panel on Climate Change.