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IA Course Information

What is Earth made of? What processes shape and change it? What has happened to it during the past 4.5 billion years, and how do we know? What will happen to Earth in the future? These are the big questions that the IA Earth Sciences course seeks to answer. We take an overview of the whole subject in this first year course, enough to provide a firm basis for Geological Sciences courses in future years or to inform your work in other courses within NST.

Key information

Field trips

There are two field trips for the IA course:

  • Ketton Quarry: a half day trip in the early Michaelmas Term
  • Isle of Arran: a week on Arran in the Easter vacation

Refer to the Course Guide for further information about field trips.



This series is a collection of rocks, minerals and fossils used to aid the first year Earth Sciences students in their practical revision. It is not an exhaustive collection, but includes the range of specimens with which the first year students should become familiar.

IA Collections

All course materials can be found on the Earth Sciences Moodle course pages.

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Whether in the lab or out on fieldwork, you need to be aware of your health and safety, and what responsibilities you have to look after yourself and your colleagues. Please refer to the Safety Handbook.

Safety Handbook

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