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Department of Earth Sciences


The Department has a number of specialist laboratories.

Elemental and Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory

The Elemental and Isotope geochemistry laboratory comprises two suites of clean laboratories, including a boron-free facility, six spectrometers and a laser, allowing for the preparation and analysis of geological samples for the determination of major and trace element abundances as well as a wide range of metal isotope compositions.

General Chemistry Laboratory

General Chemistry Laboratory is a shared space for activities not compatible or suitable for clean laboratories, requiring fume cupboards and space for general chemical work. .

Godwin Laboratory for Palaeoclimate Research

  • Sedimentary Laboratory
    A centre for receiving marine sedimentary materials, carrying out non-destructive scanning techniques such as X-ray fluorescence, spectrophotometry, and magnetic susceptibility; splitting and cutting marine and other cores, and preparing samples for mass spectrometry, trace metal and other analyses based on the use of discrete samples.
  • Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
    Home to a large proportion of the analytical equipment for the Godwin Laboratory and comprise the stable isotope facility. As such they generate most of the data and are part of the central cluster of areas that form the heart of operations.
  • Godwin Sample Preparation

High Temperature Experimental Laboratory

The facilities of the High Temperature Laboratory are used for the synthesis of samples involving high-temperatures, high temperatures with controlled atmosphere, and high temperatures with simultaneous pressures up to 0.1 GPa. or .

ICP-MS and Laser Ablation Laboratory

Trace element analysis for aqueous solutions, or solid sample analysis by laser ablation.

Microanalysis and Diffraction Laboratory

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory

Palaeontology Preparation Laboratories

Radiocarbon Laboratory

Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy Laboratories

Rock Preparation Laboratories

  • Polishing Laboratory
  • Rock Crushing and Milling Facility
  • Thin Section Laboratory