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Department of Earth Sciences


Academic Visitors

The aim of a Visiting Scholar is to discuss and share ideas with other academics in our Department who work within the same, or closely related, field of interest.  From this mutual collaboration may come ideas, publications, and grant applications, and we encourage applications from a wide range of backgrounds and research fields. 

A Visiting Scholar will be given an academic host and will join in with the research activities of the Department; they can either be supported by their home institutions or have other independent funds.

Visiting Scholars need to be invited by a member of the Department’s academic staff and must have completed a PhD degree at the time of applying.  If you have not completed your PhD, please see the information for Visiting Students.


As a Visiting Scholar, you will be able to attend seminars, use our facilities, and join in the academic life of the team you are visiting.  You may also attend lectures, although you may require the permission of the lecturer concerned.

Bench Fees

There is a charge for this service:

  • £150 between 2 weeks and 1 month
  • £500 up to 3 months
  • £1000 up to 6 months
  • £2000 up to 12 months.

All payments will be subject to an additional VAT charge of 20% and should be paid on or before the first day in the Department.

Fees are applied at the discretion of your host.  If payment of fees presents a problem, please state this in your application and discuss it with your academic host during the application process. 

IMPORTANT: It is the Visiting Scholar’s responsibility to deal with immigration, visas, accommodation and family issues.  International visitors from non-English speaking countries will be asked to provide valid English language certificates or provide other additional evidence of reasonable competency in English language.

To apply

If you would like to apply for Visiting Scholar Status, please submit the following in support of your application:

  • A completed application form
  • a short outline of the proposed research you wish to carry out in Cambridge
  • full CV.

These documents should be emailed to

Once we have received your full application, it will be considered by the relevant staff who will contact you directly. 


The Department is unable to assist with accommodation but there is a Cambridge Society for Newcomers and Visiting Scholars, who might be able to help Newcomers and Visiting Scholars | (