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Online Activities

Fun Online Links and Games

Use the links below to discover exciting games and interesting webpages that will help you learn more about volcanoes, earthquakes, and Iceland.

A screenshot of the lava flow game Lava flow simulation game
Discover how much of your neighbourhood would have been obliterated by the Holuhraun lava flow (Iceland, 2014)
A screenshot of Volcano Island game Volcano Island game
As the mayor of a volcanic island it’s your job to decide when you think the volcano is going to erupt and when people should evacuate. But volcanic eruptions are very hard to predict!
A screenshot of Interactive Earth Interactive Earth
Learn about how convection inside the Earth’s solid mantle works, forming cold downwellings and hot upwellings that can cause volcanoes to form.
A screenshot of the FutureVolc Islandic volcanoes page Icelandic volcanoes
Find out about the many different volcanoes of Iceland.