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Experiments and Online Activities

Try it at home!  Learn more about some of the science behind eruptions and earthquakes with our DIY experiments, or try some fun online games...


Experiments to try at Home

We have put together a  set of experiments for you to try, all about the exciting world of earthquakes and volcanoes.  So why not have a go at home or in the classroom, at making a waxy volcanic eruptions, an explosive coke bottle eruption, building and testing some earth-quake proof structures or being a racing earthquake wave... and many more!

These experiments are designed with children in mind - but are just as fun for those of us who are no longer quite as young!


kids experiments3



download link cutout






Fun Links and Games 

Lava Flow simulation game

Discover how much of your neighbourhood would have been obliterated by the Holuhraun lava flow (Iceland, 2014):


Lava flow game  header


Volcano Island game

As the mayor of a volcanic island it’s your job to decide when you think the volcano is going to erupt and when people should evacuate. But volcanic eruptions are very hard to predict...


Volcano Island Game


Interactive earth

Try this online game, to learn about how convection inside the earth’s solid mantle works, forming cold downwellings and hot upwellings which can cause volcanoes to form:


Interactive Earth


Beat the Quake

In the UK we are lucky enough to have very few serious earthquakes, but in other countries it's important to earthquake-proof you home. See how well you can earthquake-proof a house with this online game:


beat the shake


Build your own volcano

Build a Volcano and see how it erupts with this online game:


build volcano


Icelandic Volcanoes

Find out about the many different volcanoes of Iceland!


Future Volc