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Additional Resources

There is so much more to learn about our fascinating planet and the exciting natural events that are earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  We have scoured the web to find you some of what we think are the best learning and teaching resources out there.  Find out more below... 



Games and Activities

Discover how much of your neighbourhood would have been obliterated by the Holuhraun lava flow (Iceland, 2014):

Lava flow game  header


As the mayor of a volcanic island it’s your job to decide when you think the volcano is going to erupt and when people should evacuate. But volcanic eruptions are very hard to predict…

Volcano island small


Build a volcano and see how it erupts with this online game:

build volcano small


In the UK we are lucky enough to have very few serious earthquakes, but in other countries it's important to earthquake-proof you home. See how well you can earthquake-proof a house with this online game:

Beat the quake small header


Try this online game, to learn about how convection inside the earth’s solid mantle works, resulting in cold downwellings and hot upwellings which can cause volcanoes to form:

interactive earth small


If you want to know more about how earthquake waves travel through the earth, this is a fun interactive activity to try:

Seismic waves



Interactive world map - See how earthquakes, volcanoes and tectonic plates are all connected:

plate tectonics


How much bigger is a magnitude 1 and a magnitude 5 earthquake? Use the United State Geological Survey’s “how much bigger” earthquake calculator to help understand magnitude scales:

magnitude calculator


See where different types of earthquakes are happening in the world using this interactive map:

Earthquake browser



Play volcano top trumps!


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More Information and Teaching Resources


 Find out about the many different volcanoes of Iceland:

future volc header


Lots of really interesting detailed information about lava flows with activities and Icelandic examples:

Lava flow eruptions


A detailed lesson plan on one of the experiments described in our downloadable activities booklet - making your own volcano using wax:

Lesson plan volcano lab


An interactive website about Icelandic tectonics and volcanoes, from the BBC:

cracks ripping


Check out this clear website from the BGS to learn more about earthquakes in the UK, and more earthquake info and teaching resources:

UK earthquakes


Great teaching resource about tectonic plate boundaries, and how they are associated with volcanoes and earthquakes – with an interactive game:

slip slide collide


A great resource from the USGS, where you can find loads more information and activities on earthquakes:

IRIS earthquakes


See how many earthquakes have happened in the last day alone:

USGS last24hrs


Which volcanoes are erupting right now? And where are the most recent earthquakes?

worldwide eruptions


An excellent set of online earthquake resources for teaching or outreach, from the International Research Institute of Seismology. Everything from animations to full lesson plans and posters:

IRIS earthquake info

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Earthquake Magnitude: Using pasta to understand magnitudes

Earthquake magnitudes are a logarithmic scale, meaning a magnitude 2 releases 32 times more energy than a magnitude 1… This is a great video that explains logarithmic scales - using pasta:




Volcano caldera formation

The dip in the middle of a volcano is called a caldera - but how and why does it form?  This helpful video from the USGS explains why with a simple experiment:




How do seismometers work?

A great animation that shows the principles of how seismometers (the instruments that record earthquakes) work:



How do you locate an earthquake?

Video showing how we use earthquake wave arrival times to locate an earthquake:


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