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Department of Earth Sciences

Climate Change and Earth-Ocean-Atmosphere Systems


09/2019-      Assistant Professor, University of Cambridge, UK.

01-08/2019   Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University, UK.

2015–2018    Research Associate, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK.

Horizon 2020 Marie Sklowdowka-Curie Individual Fellowship:"Sea ice across Dansgaard-Oeschger events in Greenland”. Mentor: Prof. Eric Wolff

06-09/2015   Ice Core Laboratory Analyst, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK.

2011-2015    Postdoctoral Scholar, College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University, USA.     Supervisor: Prof. Edward J. Brook

2012              Ph.D. Geology, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Thesis title: Insights into Late Holocene climate of the Ross Sea Region, Antarctica, from high resolution ice core chemistry. Supervisors:  Dr. Nancy A.N. Bertler and Prof. Joel A. Baker

2007              MGeol (Hons) Environmental Geology (International) (1st class), University of Leeds, UK



ice cores; abrupt climate change; methane biogeochemistry; ice core chemistry; sea ice reconstructions; continuous ice core gas measurement; chemical transport modelling


Key publications: 

Google Scholar profile

Xavier Crosta, Karen E. Kohfeld, Helen C. Bostock, Matthew Chadwick, Alice Du Vivier, Oliver Esper, Johan Etourneau, Jacob Jones, Amy Leventer, Juliane Müller, Rachael H. Rhodes, Claire S. Allen, et al., Antarctic sea ice over the past 130,000 years, Part 1: What the proxy records tell us. Climate of the Past Discussions,, 2022

>>>>>>>>> Peer Reviewed <<<<<<<<<<<<

Faïn, X., Rhodes, R.H., Philip, P., Petrenko, V.V., Fourteau, K., Chellman, N., Crosier, E., McConnell, J.R., Brook, E.J., Blunier, T., Legrand, M., Chappellaz, J., 2022. Northern Hemisphere atmospheric history of carbon monoxide since preindustrial times reconstructed from multiple Greenland ice cores. Clim. Past. 18, 631–647,


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Rhodes, R. H., E. J. Brook, J. Chiang, T. Blunier, O. J. Maselli, J. R. McConnell, D. Romanini, J. P. Severinghaus, 2015. Enhanced tropical methane production in response to iceberg discharge in the North Atlantic. Science, 1016-1019. 10.1126/science.1262005.

***WAIS Divide continuous methane data are available to download at USAP data centre: awardID 609628**

WAIS Divide Project Members including R. H. Rhodes, 2015. Precise interhemispheric phasing of the bipolar seesaw during abrupt Dansgaard-Oeschger events. Nature, 520, 661-665.

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2014 and earlier

Faïn, X., J. Chappellaz, R. H. Rhodes, C. Stowasser, T. Blunier, J. R. McConnell, E. J. Brook, M. Legrand, T. Debois, D. Romanini, 2014. High resolution measurements of carbon monoxide along a late Holocene Greenland ice core: evidence for in-situ production. Climate of the Past, 10, 987–1000.

Rhodes, R. H., X. Faïn, C. Stowasser, T. Blunier, J. Chappellaz, J. R. McConnell, D. Romanini, L. E. Mitchell, E. J. Brook, 2013.  Continuous methane measurements from a late-Holocene Greenland ice core: atmospheric and in-situ signals. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 368, 9–19.

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Rhodes, R. H., J. A. Baker, M-A. Millet, N. A. N. Bertler, 2011. Experimental investigation of the effects of mineral dust on the reproducibility and accuracy of ice core trace element analyses. Chemical Geology, 286, 207222doi:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2011.05.006

Purdie, H., N. A. N. Bertler, A. Mackintosh, J. A. Baker, R. H. Rhodes, 2010. Isotopic and elemental changes in winter snow accumulation on glaciers in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Journal of Climate 23, doi: 10.1175/2010JCLI3701.1

Rhodes, R. H., N. A. N. Bertler, J. A. Baker, S. B. Sneed, H. Oerter, K. R. Arrigo, 2009. Sea ice variability and primary productivity in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, from methylsulphonate snow record. Geophysical Research Letters 36, L10704, doi:10.1029/2009GL037311.


>>>>>>>>>Other publications<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Patterson, M., R. Rhodes, and C. Allen (2019), Understanding past changes in Southern Ocean sea ice, Eos (American Geophysical Union Publications), 100, doi:/10.1029/2019EO119803.

Rhodes, R. H., Kohfeld, K., Bostock, H., Crosta, X., Leventer, A., Meissner, K., Esper, O., Understanding Past Changes in Sea Ice in the Southern Ocean: First Workshop for the “Cycles of Sea Ice Dynamics in the Earth System” (C-SIDE) Working Group. Past Global Changes(PAGES) Magazine, 21(1), 31, doi:10.22498/pages.27.1.31.


Assistant Professor
Honorary Researcher, British Antarctic Survey
Dr Rachael H. Rhodes

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