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Department of Earth Sciences


I'm interested in many aspects of high-temperature mantle geochemistry. My PhD work focused on heavy stable isotope tracers of mantle heterogeneity, trying to develop a toolkit to identify recycled crust in the mantle source of erupted basalts using phase equilibrium and isotope fractionation modelling. I am now applying my geochemical background to the study of REE in alkaline-silicate rocks, combining petrology, thermodynamics and geochemical modelling to understand the processes that control the REE budgets in these systems.  


2014–2018: BA (Natural Sciences) and MSci (Earth Sciences), University of Cambridge

2018–2022: PhD (Earth Sciences), University of Cambridge


Key publications: 

Soderman et al., Global trends in novel stable isotopes in basalts: Theory and observations (2022) GCA

Soderman et al., Heavy delta57Fe in ocean island basalts: A non-unique signature of processes and source lithologies in the mantle (2021) GCA

Henslow Research Fellow

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Email address: 
+44 (0) 1223 333441


Person keywords: 
Stable isotopes