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Department of Earth Sciences

Geophysics, Geodynamics and Tectonics


Current Research

Experimental fluid dynamics 

The aim of my research is to investigate a range of geophysical problems by combining small-scale laboratory experiments with field observations and simple analytical models. Through these different approaches I hope to understand the physics governing the key processes. Laboratory experiments play a vital role because they allow us to watch a flow progress and deduce the key parameters required to mathematically model the flow. Once a model has been derived, systematic laboratory experiments can be conducted to validate the model. I also work on both modern and ancient deposits of deep-sea sediment flows, including turbidity currents, debris flows and hybrid currents.

Current research interests include:

  • the dynamics and deposits of deep-marine mass flows, focussing on understanding the grading patterns observed in the field
  • the origin of convolute lamination in turbidites and what they can tell us about shear and buoyancy processes during sedimentation
  • the role of lofting or buoyancy reversal in pyroclastic flows and turbidity currents, and the generation of secondary currents via this mechanism.
  • features of turbulent vertical line plumes and bubble plumes, and the way in which they change their environment


Key publications: 

BPI Lab Manager
Dr Charlotte  Gladstone

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