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Department of Earth Sciences

Rock deformation
Microstructural analysis
Structural geology


2020–present: Assistant Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow

Head of the Microgeodynamics Research Group

Assistant Professor in structural geology, mineralogy, and fieldwork

Manager of the high-temperature and sample-preparation laboratories

2017–2020: Assistant Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University

Principle Investigator in the Structural Geology and Electron Microscopy Group

2016–2017: Research Associate, University College, University of Oxford

2015–2017: Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford

Advisors: Dr. Lars Hansen and Prof. Angus Wilkinson

Project: A new method for mapping stresses in mantle rocks: Dislocation density from electron backscatter diffraction

2010–2014: Ph.D. (Geology), School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds

Supervisors: Dr. Richard Phillips and Dr. Geoff Lloyd

Thesis: Micro-geodynamics of the Karakoram Fault Zone, Ladakh, NW Himalaya

2006–2010: MSci. Honours Degree in Geoscience (Geology), Department of Earth Sciences, University of Durham

Supervisors: Dr. Mark Allen and Dr. Jonathan Imber

Thesis: Deformation within the basal units of the Lizard ophiolite, SW Cornwall: A combined field and microstructural study


The Microgeodynamics Group in the Department of Earth SciencesUniversity of Cambridge, tackles problems in rock deformation from the crystal-lattice to lithospheric-plate scales. We develop and employ advanced microanalytical techniques to decipher the processes of rock deformation. High-angular resolution electron backscatter diffraction (HR-EBSD) provides a key tool for quantifying distributions of dislocations and stress heterogeneity within grains. We combine such microstructural analyses with rock deformation experiments to develop a new generation of microphysical models of deformation processes. Analyses of key field sites allow us to up-scale laboratory results to establish the role of microscale processes in macroscopic geodynamics.

We maintain close links with collaborators at a range of institutions, including Utrecht UniversityUniversity of Minnesota, and University of Oxford.


Key publications: 


Toffol, G., Pennacchioni, G., Menegon, L., Wallis, D., Manuele, F., Camacho, A., Bestmann, M. (2024) On-fault earthquake energy density partitioning from shocked garnet in an exhumed seismogenic mid-crustal fault. Science Advances, 10, eadi8533, doi:10.1126/sciadv.adi8533.

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University Assistant Professor
UKRI Future Leaders Fellow
Dr David  Wallis


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earthquake geology
Mineral Physics
Ice Dynamics