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Department of Earth Sciences



I am the Laboratory Manager for the Geochemistry Cleanroom Laboratory with ~35 active scientists. We analyse a large variety of geological materials including rock, water, soil, sediment, and ice core samples. Our lab is rated class 1000 and comprises ten rooms with a total of 15 laminar flow workstations.

I previously worked as a Research Fellow and Research Associate and have 10 years experience in geological and geochemical research, development of geoanalytical methods, supervision and teaching of undergraduate and PhD students, and public engagement.

04/2021- present: Research Facility Manager: Geochemistry Cleanroom Laboratory, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK

2019-2021: Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK

2017-2019: Research Associate, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK

2016-2017: Research Associate, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Manchester, UK

2014-2015: Postdoctoral Research Assistant, School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, UK

2010-2014: PhD in Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, UK

2007-2010: Diplom in Earth Sciences, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany

2007-2008: Exchange Student in University of California Education Abroad Program, University of California, Santa Cruz

2003- 2007: Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany


Key publications: 

Freymuth, H., Reekie, C., Williams, H.(2020), A Triple-Stack Column Procedure for Rapid Separation of Cu and Zn from Geological Samples. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, accepted for publication, Early View online: doi:10.1111/ggr.12323

Freymuth, H., Andersen, M, Elliott, T.(2019), Uranium isotope fractionation during slab dehydration beneath the Izu arc. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 522: 244-254

Skora, S., Freymuth, H, Blundy, J., Elliott, T., Guillong, M. (2017), An experimental study of the behaviour of cerium/molybdenum ratios during subduction: Implications for tracing the slab component in the Lesser Antilles and Mariana Arc.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 212: 133-155.

Freymuth, H, Skora, S., van Soest, M., Elliott, T. (2016), Tracing subducted black shales in the Lesser Antilles arc using molybdenum isotope ratios. Geology 44 (12), 987-990.

Freymuth, H., Elliott, T., Gill, J.B., Tamura, Y. (2016). Thorium isotope evidence for melting of the mafic oceanic crust beneath the Izu arc. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 186, 46-70.

Willbold, M., Hibbert, K., Lai, Y.-J., Freymuth, H., Hin, R.C., Coath, C.D., Vils, F., Elliott, T. (2016). High-Precision Mass-Dependent Molybdenum Isotope Variations in Magmatic Rocks Determined by Double-Spike MC-ICP-MS. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research 40, 389-403.

Freymuth, H., Elliott, T., Vils, F. (2015). Molybdenum mobility and isotopic fractionation during subduction at the Mariana arc. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 432, 176-186.

Andersen, M., Elliott, T., Freymuth, H., Sims, K., Niu, Y., Kelley, K. (2015). The terrestrial U isotope cycle. Nature 517, 356-359.

Freymuth, H., Brandmeier, M., Wörner, G. (2015) The origin and crust/mantle mass balance of Central Andean ignimbrite magmatism constrained by oxygen and strontium isotopes and erupted volumes. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 169:58, 1-24.

Bragagni, A., Avanzinelli, R., Freymuth, H., Francalanci, L. (2014). Recycling of crystal mush-derived melts but short magma residence times revealed by U-series disequilibria at Stromboli volcano. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 404, 206-219.

Zellmer, G.F., Freymuth, H., Cembrano, J. M., Clavero, J.E., Veloso, E.A.E., Sielfeld, G.G. (2013). Altered mineral uptake into fresh arc magmas: insights from U-Th isotopes of samples from Andean volcanoes under differential crustal stress regimes. “Orogenic Andesites and Crustal Growth”, Geological Society, London, Special Publications 385, 1-24.

Research Facility Manager - Geochemistry Laboratories

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+44 (0) 1223 333455


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