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Department of Earth Sciences

Trace Element Analysis, ICP-MS, Laser Ablation, Micro-analysis, Geochemistry, Climate Change


Trace Element Analysis Applied to Earth Sciences Research

I am interested in the use of ICP-MS and laser ablation (LA-ICP-MS) techniques for the precise and accurate measurement of elements and isotopes in a wide variety of sample types. This includes but is not limited to various types of rocks, sediments (forams), and plant samples. In the last few years I have worked with scientists in the fields of geography, anthropology, mineral physics, chemistry, and plant sciences amongst others.

One ongoing project is the use of LA-ICP-MS for the microanalysis of trace elements, including the rare earth elements, in magmatic minerals such as garnets, pyroxenes, olivines, and volcanic glasses in collaboration with Sally Gibson. We have several well established multielemental methods and reference materials for the determination of geological and environmental samples in both solution (total digestions) and also Laser Ablation mode.

To encourage collaboration both in the Department and University, we offer limited access to the Laser Ablation and ICP-MS instrumentation for research purposes. This access must be authorised by Sally Gibson. Fees will be requested to cover lab and analysis costs. Visit our ICP-MS website for more information.


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Dr Jason  Day

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