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Dr John Maclennan

Dr John	 Maclennan


Igneous Petrology

John Maclennan is accepting applications for PhD students.

John Maclennan is available for consultancy.

Downing Site - S403
Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 761602


Originally from Glasgow, his interests in Physics and Geology have taken him to degrees and jobs in Cambridge, Paris and Edinburgh. His approach combines robust fieldwork, leading-edge microanalysis and computational techniques to provide a quantitative understanding of magmatic processes. Iceland has provided a natural focus for much of this work and provides a platform for a global view of magmatism at spreading ridges, ocean islands and large igneous provinces.

A recent CV.

Research Interests

Diffusion chronometry of magmatic processes: Tracking pre-eruptive magma ascent and storage timescales

Petrological records of magma storage and transport: Melt inclusions, volatiles and thermobarometry

Carbon and other volatiles in the Earth's mantle: Constraining budgets and understanding volcanism as an environmental agent. 

Forcing and feedbacks between magmatism, mantle melting and climate change


Research Supervision

MSci supervision: 15 as lead supervisor, 3 as co-supervisor. 5 papers directly from student projects. 4 of these students now hold permanent/tenure track positions at leading universities in UK/US.

PhD supervision: 8 as lead supervisor, 11 as co-supervisor. >25 papers from student projects. 5 of these students now hold permanent/tenure-track positions at leading universities in UK/US, 3 hold academic-related roles at UK universities, 3 are post-docs. 


Computer Simulations ; Petrology ; Microscopy ; Volcanology ; Geochemistry ; Geophysics ; microstructure

Key Publications

Recent publications can be found in the publications database here or on Google Scholar


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