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Department of Earth Sciences


Marie Edmonds holds a Chair in Volcanology and Petrology, is Director of Research at the Earth Sciences Department, University of Cambridge and Vice President and Ron Oxburgh Fellow in Earth Sciences at Queens’ College, Cambridge. Her research focuses on understanding the impact of volcanoes on our environment and on the habitability of our planet. Volcanoes are sources of pollutants and can impact our environment, society and economy in a range of ways. Volcanoes also provide us with nutrients critical for life, green sources of energy and sustainable resources. Edmonds’ research spans the boundaries between traditional disciplines, from deciphering the nature of the interior of the Earth, to magma transport and storage in the crust, to volcano monitoring, understanding ore deposits and the dynamic chemistry of volcanic gases in the atmosphere and climate.

Volcanology, magmatic processes





Key publications: 

For full list see CV. Some recent papers:

2020, Woitischek, Julia, Edmonds, Marie, and A. W. Woods. The control of magma crystallinity on the fluctuations in gas composition at open vent basaltic volcanoes. Scientic Reports, 10(1):1{7, 2020

2020, Edmonds, Marie. Geochemical monitoring of volcanoes and the mitigation of volcanic gas hazards. In Forecasting and Planning for Volcanic Hazards, Risks, and Disasters, pages 117{151. Elsevier

2020, E. J. Liu, K. V. Cashman, E. Miller, H. Moore, Edmonds, Marie, B. E. Kunz, F. Jenner, and G. Chigna. Petrologic monitoring at Volcan de Fuego, Guatemala. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, page 107044, 2020

2020, T. Ilanko, T. D. Pering, T. C. Wilkes, J. Woitischek, R. D'Aleo, A. Aiuppa, A. J. McGonigle, Edmonds, Marie, and E. Garaebiti. Ultraviolet camera measurements of passive and explosive (strombolian) sulphur dioxide emissions at Yasur Volcano, Vanuatu. Remote Sensing, 12(17):2703, 2020

2020, Iddon, Fiona and Edmonds, Marie. Volatile-rich magmas distributed through the upper crust in the Main Ethiopian Rift. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, page e2019GC008904, 2020

2020, Woitischek, Julia, A. W. Woods, Edmonds, Marie, C. Oppenheimer, A. Aiuppa, T. D. Pering, T. Ilanko, R. D'Aleo, and E. Garaebiti. Strombolian eruptions and dynamics of magma degassing at Yasur Volcano (Vanuatu). Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, page 106869, 2020

2020, Whitty, Rachel CW, E. Ilyinskaya, E. Mason, P. E. Wieser, E. J. Liu, A. Schmidt, T. Roberts, M. A. Pfeer, B. Brooks, Edmonds, Marie, et al. Spatial and temporal variations in SO2 and PM2:5 levels around Klauea Volcano, Hawai'i during 2007{2018. Frontiers in Earth Science, 8, 2020

2020, Wieser, Penny, F. Jenner, Edmonds, Marie, J. Maclennan, and B. Kunz. Chalcophile elements track the fate of sulfur at Klauea volcano, Hawai'i. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2020

2020, Wieser, Penny E, Edmonds, Marie, J. Maclennan, and J. Wheeler. Microstructural constraints on magmatic mushes under Klauea volcano, Hawaii. Nature Communications, 11(1):1{14, 2020

2020, Edmonds, Marie, B. Tutolo, K. Iacovino, and Y. Moussallam. Magmatic carbon outgassing and uptake of CO2 by alkaline waters. American Mineralogist, 105(1):28{34, 2020

2019. Wong, K., E. Mason, S. Brune, M. East, M. Edmonds, S. Zahirovic. Deep carbon cycling over the past 200 million years: a review of fluxes in different tectonic settings. Frontiers.

2019, in press. Wieser, P. E., M. Edmonds, J. Maclennan, J. Wheeler. Distorted olivine crystals: an unexploited record of magma storage at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii. Nature Communications.

2019, in press. Wieser, P. E., M. Edmonds, J. Maclennan, F. Jenner and B. Kunz. Crystal scavenging from mush piles recorded by melt inclusions. Nature Communications.

2019. Suarez, C., M. Edmonds, A. Jones. Catastrophic perturbations to Earth’s Deep Carbon Cycle. Elements v. 15, no. 5.

2019.  Wieser, P. E., Z. Vukmanovic, R. Kilian, E. Ringe, M. Holness, John Maclennan, M. Edmonds. To Sink, Swim, Twin or Nucleate: a critical appraisal of crystal aggregation processes. Geology.

2019. Werner, C., T. P. Fischer, A. Aiuppa, M. Edmonds, C. Cardellini, S. Carn, G. Chiodini, E. Cottrell, and M. Burton. Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Subaerial Volcanic Regions. Whole Earth Carbon eds Beth Orcutt, Raj Dasgupta, Isabelle Daniel. Cambridge University Press, pp 188-236.

2019. Taracsak Z., M.E. Hartley, R. Burgess, M. Edmonds, F. Iddon, M-A. Longpre. High fluxes of deep volatiles from ocean island volcanoes: Insights from El Hierro, Canary Islands. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 258, 19-36.

2019. Mutch, E., J. Maclennan, M. Edmonds. Rapid trans-crustal magma movement under Icelandic volcanoes. Nature Geoscience 12, 569–574.

Professor of Volcanology and Petrology
The Ron Oxburgh Fellow in Earth Sciences, Queens' College

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