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Department of Earth Sciences

Metamorphic Petrology and Geochemistry


Current research interests:

  • Structural and metamorphic evolution of young orogenic belts (Alps, Pyrenees, Cyclades)
  • Experimental petrology and mineral stability at high temperatures and pressures
  • Thermodynamics of mixing and of order-disorder in rock-forming minerals
  • Generating and maintaining a thermodynamic data base and software THERMOCALC, together with Roger Powell (University of Melbourne, Australia) for calculating phase equilibria and forward-modelling of mineral assemblages and reactions in metamorphic rocks. Eleanor Green has set up an excellent new resource website for THERMOCALC which can be found here
  • Melting in crustal environments; thermodynamics of melts and prediction of melting relations


 TJBH petrology software pages  for

  • MultAX, COH, HbPl, UnitCell, GtfO2, SpfO2, fO2melt, GtHbPl

  • also for recent 2018 (J Pet) melt model files, and 2021 (J Pet) peridotite melting files


Petrological Phase Equilibrium Computations

TC figs

Examples of calculated phase diagrams using THERMOCALC (high-P pelite, & mantle lherzolite melting)

Thermodynamic modelling of solid, melt and fluid solutions (combined with generation of thermodynamic data for minerals) is being used, via the software THERMOCALC, to develop complex phase equilibrium calculations for rocks. This is a collaborative project with Roger Powell (University of Melbourne). Other areas of current research effort are in metamorphism and structural geology of high pressure terrains.

 ** A new website hpxeosandthermocalc pulls together information on THERMOCALC and the thermodynamic data set.



Key publications: 

Recent publications can be found in the publications database here

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Professor Tim  Holland

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