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Array of hydrothermal furnaces used for sample preparation, on removal from the furnace the sample is immediately placed into the bucket of cold water!

JIM HT B (1)


The Bridgeman furnace for crystal growth in the high-temperature laboratory



The equipment for the study of second harmonic generation in action. The high-intensity laser shines a beam onto a sample held in either a furnace or cryostat


Close-up of single crystal diffractometer


X-radiograph of a turbidite of a foraminiferal sand displaying the classic Bouma-sequence: B (laminated), C (climbing ripple) and D (laminated) divisions. 135mm thickness of a core collected in the North Atlantic at a water depth of 4545m. (Described in McCave, 1995, Phil. Trans Roy. Soc. Lond. B 348)


An isolated sclerite of Wiwaxia from the Lower Cambrian Mount Cap Formation, NW Canada; the microstructure preserved in this fossil reveals its close relationship to the polychaete worms.

nmr with flemming2

Changing the probe in the cryomagnet

nmr with flemming1

NMR spectrometer in action

mtd 3axis

Aligning a triple-axis spectrometer for measurement of phonon dispersion curves in a disordered crystal.

mark at cerius

Use of the local visualisation tools

ir with ming

The main infrared spectrometer in action

IR microscope

A second infrared/Raman spectrometer with microscope stage

hipt pe2

The high-P/T Paris–Edinburgh cell for neutron diffraction studies being assembled prior to lifting onto the beamline.

dma with kristen

Dynamic mechanical analysis

dielectric closeup

Close-up of the impedance spectrometer


Operating the impedance spectrometer for measurements of the dielectric constant


Diamond anvil cell with heating capabilities, designed for X-ray diffraction and IR/Raman spectroscopy experiments.


NU Instruments ICP-MS


VG Sector 54 TIMS


When examined by transmission electron microscopy, the silicate mineral kalsilite can be seen to have a lamellar intergrowth texture on a scale of a few hundred Ångstroms.


Carbonate staining

Sed lab core analysis

Godwin Lab image

High temp lab 2

Controlled atmosphere furnaces

High temp lab 1

Sample preparation area

High temp lab 3

Furnaces to hold conventional rod bombs with pressure line to deliver pressures up to ~0.1 GPa

High temp lab 4

Muffle furnaces with maximum temperatures of 1600 °C


Displayed on X-ray current equipment page in Equipment and Facilities section

xray Close up of single crystal diffractometer

Close up of single crystal diffractometer


Displayed on X-ray current equipment page within Equipment and Facilities

Radiocarbon Laboratory Image

Image courtesy of Luke Skinner