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Department of Earth Sciences


Congratulations to Professor Marie Edmonds and Professor Nicky White who each received awards from the Geological Society.

They were amongst eighteen individuals selected for the 2021 medals and awards, “these individuals have shaped our understanding of the Earth and beyond, contributing to the success of the geoscience community and professions. Many congratulations to all!” said the Geological Society.

Professor Marie Edmonds received the Bigsby Medal for significant services in the field of geology, which is awarded ‘as an acknowledgement of eminent services in any department of Geology, irrespective of the receiver’s country’.

“I am thrilled, and humbled, to receive this Medal from the Geological Society - the list of past recipients include many from our own department”, said Marie.

Marie’s research focuses on how volcanoes shape the climate and planet through outgassing of volatiles like water and carbon dioxide. Specifically, her work has made important contributions to our understanding of the role these volatiles play in melting, magma genesis, eruption style and climate modulation.

Professor Nicky White received the Lyell Medal. The medal is awarded annually to a scientist who has made a significant contribution to the geological sciences, normally for a key contribution to ‘soft’ rock studies. Nicky’s best-known research has used stratigraphic and geomorphological constraints to quantify crustal uplift or subsidence, and therefore to infer processes operating deep in the Earth’s interior. His methods developed on the margins of the North Atlantic have now been applied worldwide, particularly to Africa.

“I was chopping logs at a place called Crooked Wood in Ireland when I heard the news. It is where I collected Rhynchonellid fossils as a child. It is always heart-warming to be recognized in this way, although we must always remember what Kipling said! I find it even more heart-warming to be on the other side and give such awards out.” said Nicky.