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Department of Earth Sciences

Students in the field

A new MPhil in Quantitative Climate and Environmental Science will equip scientists with skills to work with environmental data and address the myriad challenges associated with climate change. Applications are now open, with the first cohort starting in October 2024.

The 10-month cross-departmental programme, hosted by the School of the Physical Sciences, aims to provide education of the highest quality in the analysis and modelling of Earth's climate and environment at a Master’s level.

Course Director, Professor Jerome Neufeld, who is jointly based at the Institute for Energy and Environmental Flows, Department of Earth Sciences and Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, said: “ The course will provide students with deep knowledge in all scientific areas related to climate change and environmental degradation, as well as an awareness of the impacts and possible solutions to climate change.”

According to Neufeld, the course responds to the growing need for highly-trained quantitative research scientists with expertise in climate and environmental modelling. The integrative nature of the course is a significant benefit, he said, furnishing students with multi-faceted skills needed to tackle complex challenges in a changing climate.

Cambridge Earth Sciences is one of the departments supporting the MPhil, drawing on the diverse research areas of our teaching staff. Course Co-director, Professor Sasha Turchyn from Cambridge Earth Sciences said, “We are very excited for Earth Sciences to be part of this new initiative. Natural Scientists are uniquely placed to address problems resulting from climate change and the associated environmental degradation because they understand these processes from a pure science background, and are familiar with dealing with the uncertainties around data analysis and interpretation.”