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Department of Earth Sciences


The International Association of Sedimentologist (IAS) has named Cambridge Earth Science’s Dr Neil Davies as the recipient of the Johannes Walther Award. This important award is given every two years to a scientist who is considered to have made a major impact in the field of sedimentology.

The award recognizes Neil’s outstanding work on the interaction of biotas and sediments from the Precambrian to the Pleistocene.

"I'm very honoured to receive this medal,” said Neil, “The International Association of Sedimentologists is the pre-eminent organisation for sedimentologists and supports a lot of good work in sedimentology and sedimentary geology"

Neil’s work focusses on the analysis of ancient sedimentary environments, with an emphasis on combining fieldwork-based research with bigger picture analyses of secular changes to the geological record. 

He strives to improve our understanding of the interconnections and feedback loops between life and sedimentation as recorded in the sedimentary record.  “In modern continental environments the vast majority of the land surface experiences geomorphological change which is in some way related to organisms and a growing wealth of biogeomorphological literature attests to the importance of biotic-abiotic interactions in constructing and refining landforms, sedimentation patterns and physical habitats in active sedimentary systems.”