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Solution ICP-MS Applications

If samples are liquid solutions or can be easily dissolved in nitric, hydrofluoric, perchloric, or hydrochloric acid (or any combination thereof) the preferred method of sample introduction is by a nebuliser/spray chamber.

Once samples are dissolved, then it is usually a simple dilution to a final volume with ultrapure water prior to analysis.

Sample solutions are delivered by a peristaltic pump to a nebuliser that creates a fine aerosol in a spray chamber, removing large droplets to waste. The finest sample droplets are carried to the argon plasma by an argon carrier gas, where the sample is desolvated, atomised, and ionised prior to mass spectrometric detection.ESI SC-2 DX Autosampler for ICP-MS

We have an ESI SC-2 DX autosampler (shown) for automated sample introduction. This device can hold up to 120 samples plus standards and blanks for overnight unattended batch sample runs. 


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