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Department of Earth Sciences


My work, part of the Centre for Landscape Regeneration programme, will help quantify chemical and microbial processes in soils which play a crucial role in the global carbon cycle. Working in the Fens, I will use measurements of traditional stable isotope ratios to refine models of biogeochemical processes in drained wetlands. As the project progresses, I will measure the effects of changing environmental conditions (water table depth, temperature, soil type, seawater input, etc.) on soil carbon chemistry. Drained wetlands emit large amounts of greenhouse gas so refining our understanding of key soil carbon processes will help in the transition to more sustainable land management.  

My previous project sought to use calcium, sulfur and carbon isotope ratios to better constrain chemical processes in the sediment pore waters of large lakes (another significant source of greenhouse emissions). Using samples from Lake Baikal, my work contributes to our understanding of redox processes, carbonate mineralisation and sulfur isotope fractionation in freshwater settings


Other publications: 

N Mahon, T I Marquand, V Price, H Driver, L Friday (2023), Report: Policy stakeholder visit to the Centre for Landscape Regeneration, CSAP, read online.

T I Marquand (2020), Reading Bagehot – A Natural Scientist’s Perspective, TCS, read online.

Teaching and Supervisions


Quantitative Environmental Science (Natural Sciences Tripos, Part 1B): Supervisor and demonstrator since Michaelmas 2022.

Ancient Life and Environments (Natural Sciences Tripos, Earth Sciences, Part II): Demonstrator in Michaelmas 2022 and Michaelmas 2023.

Earth Sciences (Natural Sciences Tripos, Part 1B): Dorset fieldtrip demonstrator in Easter Vacation 2023.

Earth Sciences (Natural Sciences Tripos, Part II): Provence geochemical mapping fieldtrip demonstrator in Easter Vacation 2023.


Research supervision: 

Sam Gee (July - September 2023), Summer Intern, "Reactive transport modelling of fenland soil carbon cycling."

Carmen Barroso-Carmona (July - September 2023), Summer Intern, "A new measurement in human breath: methane carbon isotopic composition."

Toby Hibbert (July -September 2023), Summer Intern, "Constraining rates of anaerobic microbial metabolisms in Fenland soils through microcosm experiments."

Jake Dalzell (June - July 2023), Summer Intern, "Developing a mechanistic understanding of the influence of wheat on greenhouse gas production, consumption and emission from fenland soils using mesocosm experiments."

Other Professional Activities

Conferences and Seminars:

"Understanding the role of anaerobic methane oxidation in modified peatlands", Gordon Research Conference: Geobiology 2024, 18th - 19th January 2024.

"Large sulfur isotope fractionation at low sulfate concentrations in Lake Baikal sediments", Gordon Research Seminar: Geobiology 2024, 14th January 2024.

"Seawater incursion into lowland peat: effects on the terrestrial carbon cycle", Marine Studies Group Shackleton Conference 2023, 28th September 2023.

"Effect of water table depth on greenhouse gas production and consumption in fenland peat", Goldschmidt Conference 2023, poster, 10th July 2023. Abstract.

"A Brief Overview of the CLR, the Fens and Wetland Greenhouse Gases", Clare Hall Graduate Student Body, Student Research Day presentation, 29th April 2023.

"Effect of water table depth on greenhouse gas production and consumption in fenland peat", Geochemistry Group Research In Progress (GGRIP) 2023, poster, 20th April 2023.

"The East Anglia Fens: Crop Productivity and Climate Vulnerability", Cambridge Global Food Security, Coffee Break Seminars, 11th November 2022. Recording.


"The Amazon of Europe", Radio FM4 (Austria), interview for radio show, 2nd May 2024. Recording.

"Are wetlands our secret weapon for fighting climate change?", BBC World Service, interview for podcast, 11th February 2024. Recording.

Farming Today on BBC Radio 4, interview, 3rd May 2023. 

The Naked Scientist Podcast and BBC Radio Cambridgeshire show, interview, 20th April 2023. Recording.

"Fixing the Fens" by Jacqueline Garget, interviewed for article, 14th April 2023. Article

"Climate Change Threat to the Fens", Cambridge 105, Radio Interview, 1st March 2023. Recording.


"Why wetlands? The role of wetlands in climate change", Science on Sundays talks, Cambridge University Botanic Garden, 2nd June 2024

"Dear Planet Earth" activity day, Cambridge University Botanic Garden, 8th August 2023.

"What does the future hold for the Cambridgeshire Fens?", Cambridge Conservation Initiative, Cambridge Festival Panel Discussion, 1st April 2023. 

Contact Details

Email address: 
Room N330a, Department of Earth Sciences