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Department of Earth Sciences


Part IA (First Year) Earth Sciences Course Information

Taking Part IA Earth Sciences in your first year allows you to progress further into the Earth Sciences should you want, or if you decide to specialise elsewhere it broadens your scientific understanding, in learning a new and interesting subject.

Part IB (Second Year) Earth Sciences A Course Information

Part IB (Second Year) Earth Sciences B Course Information

Many students, enthralled by their first year Earth Sciences course, continue into second year taking IB Earth Sciences Course A, and/orIB Earth Sciences Course B, and then carry on into Part II (third year) and Part III (fourth year) Earth Sciences.

Students should be aware that course choices in Part IB could affect options in Parts II & III, so please read this advice for those considering Part II & III Earth Sciences.

Part II (Third Year) Earth Sciences Course Information

Part II will take you towards the boundaries of the subject, and areas of active research and controversies. You will start to get to grips with primary scientific literature, and encounter subject areas where there is currently no definite answer.

Part III (Fourth Year) Earth Sciences Course Information

The final year course encourages a breadth of research-level experience, even as you focus on your own research project. By the end, you will be in a position to take on advanced academic research—or any other occupation requiring analytical ability, dexterity and experience.

Field Trips

Complement material taught in lectures and practicals, allowing students to experience Earth Sciences in the natural laboratory of our planet with each year of our undergraduate programme.

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