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Callum D.J. Reekie

Callum D.J. Reekie

Ph.D. Research Student

Igneous Geochemistry

M03, Downing Site
Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 333482

Research Interests

Understanding the chemical differentiation of the Earth places key constraints on the transfer of material between the mantle and crust, chemical variability in basaltic magmas, and ultimately, the habitability of our planet. My research seeks to constrain mechanisms of chemical differentiation and variability in basaltic melts associated with mantle plumes. I use a multi-elemental approach (i.e., almost the full periodic table) to try and understand how the properties of the system (e.g., pressure, temperature and fO2) affect chemical variability and mobility, especially for the economically-important chalcophile and siderophile elements (e.g., Cu, Ag, Au and Pt). I use a number of analytical techniques including laser-ablation, multi-collector mass-spectrometry and synchrotron radiation (mainly XANES) in my work.


Petrology ; Geochemistry ; Stable isotopes ; Mineralogy


  • Magma mixing and ascent
  • Volatile geochemical cycling
  • Numerical Modelling
  • Igneous petrology

Key Publications

Freymuth, H., Reekie, C.D.J. and Williams, H.M. (2020) A triple column stack procedure for rapid separation of Cu and Zn from geological samples. Geostandards and Geoanalytic Research, online.

Debtret, B., Reekie, C.D.J., Mattielli, N., Beunon, H., Ménez, B., Savov, I.P. and Williams, H.M. (2020) Redox transfer at subduction zones: Insights from Fe isotopes in the Mariana forearc. Geochemical Perspectives Letters 12, 46-51.

Finch, A.A., McCreath, J.A., Reekie, C.D.J., Hutchison, W., Ismalia, A., Armour-Brown, A., Andersen, T. and Simonsen, S.L. (2019) From mantle to Motzfeldt: A genetic model for syenite-hosted Ta, Nb-mineralisation. Ore Geology Reviews 107, 402-416.

Reekie, C.D.J., Jenner, F.E., Smythe, D.J., Hauri, E.H., Bullock, E.S. and Williams, H.M. (2019) Sulfide resorption during crustal ascent and degassing of oceanic plateau basalts. Nature Communications, 10, 82.

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