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Callum D.J. Reekie

Callum D.J. Reekie

Ph.D. Research Student

Igneous Geochemistry

Igneous Petrology

M03, Downing Site
Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 333482

Research Interests

I am an igneous geochemist with an interest in how we can use the chemical properties of magmas that erupt on the Earth's surface to inform us about process that take place during crustal differentiation and mantle evolution. My research primarily focusses on using novel mass spectrometry techniques to characterise both the trace element and stable isotopic composition of magmas erupted in mantle plume-type settings. These techniques include laser albation (LA-) ICP-MS and multi-collector (MC-) ICP-MS. Collected data are combined with simple models to determine how trace elements are partitioned between Earth's crust and mantle and how mantle heterogeneity effects these processes.


Petrology ; Geochemistry ; Stable isotopes ; Mineralogy


  • Continental flood basalts
  • Numerical Modelling
  • Igneous petrology
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