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Department of Earth Sciences



I am interested in understanding how the Earth's lithosphere deforms a wide range of spatial and temporal scales and how understanding this deformation can improve our knowledge of seismic hazard.

My research looks at the deformation of Earth's continents. I  analyse and model a range of datasets, including seismological records, satellite imagery, GPS and radar, in order to understand both the patterns of deformation which we observe, and the forces which generate them. How the continents deform in response to an applied force is controlled by their material properties (rheology). By looking both at observed deformation and the forces driving it I am able to place constraints on this rheology.

Understanding seismic hazard is important, but to make this understanding effective we need to communicate it to a wider audience. Here are some examples of recent articles explaining my work for Caltech Letters and The Conversation.


Continental deformation
Subduction zones
Earthquake hazard


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Research Associate
Junior Research Fellow, Queens' College
Dr Camilla   Penney

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Bullard Laboratories
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