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Department of Earth Sciences



My research focuses on the mineralogical and chemical development of crystal mushes in mafic layered intrusions. My work takes me to explore the Bushveld Complex in NE South Africa and the Rum Layered Intrusion in W Scotland.
My research combines a range of microanalytical techniques (SEM, EPMA, laser ablation mass spectrometry) with multiple stable isotope fingerprinting tools to investigate the degree to which magmatic textures and compositions have been modified as a result of post-cumulus processes during the tens to hundreds of thousands of years that it takes these magmas to solidify. Ultimately, I aim to quantify diffusive re-equilibration and cooling timescales in layered intrusions.
I am also interested in the development of non-traditional metal stable isotope systems (i.e. Fe, Mg, Cu, Zn) as tracers for various high temperature geological processes.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual European Fellow

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+44 (0)1223 333474


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Stable isotopes