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Dr Chunendra K. Sahu

Dr Chunendra K. Sahu

Postdoctoral Research Associate

BP Institute for Multiphase Flow
University of Cambridge
Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0EZ

Office Phone: 01223 765700


Full CV can be found here.

- BP Institute for Multiphase Flow (Dept. of Earth Sciences)
- Inst. of Theoretical Geophysics (Dept. of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics)
- Trinity College (Trinity Postdoctoral Society)

PhD (Mech. Engg.) - University of Alberta, Canada, 2012-2016.
ME (Mech. Engg.) - Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 2009-2011.
BE (Mech. Engg.) - Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg, India, 2005-2009.

Work Experience:
Postdoctoral Research Associate - University of Cambridge, 2017-2020.
Industrial Postdoc - U. Alberta + SoilVision Systems Ltd., 2017.
Edison Engineer - General Electric, JFWTC Bangalore, 2011-2012.

Cambridge: Natural Science Mathematics (DAMTP)
Alberta: Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Methods, Engineering Physics, Introduction to Thermo-Fluids

Research Interests

Porous media plumes, gravity currents and filling box flows

Key Publications

  • C.K. Sahu & M.R. Flynn, Filling box flows in porous media. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2015.
  • C.K. Sahu & M.R. Flynn, Filling box flows in an axisymmetric porous medium. Transport in Porous Media, 2016.
  • C.K. Sahu & M.R. Flynn, The effect of sudden permeability changes in porous media filling box flows. Transport in Porous Media, 2017.
  • C. K. Sahu & J. A. Neufeld, Dispersive entrainment in gravity currents in porous media. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2019.
  • K. S. Bharath, C.K. Sahu & M.R. Flynn, Isolated buoyant convection in a two-layered porous medium with an inclined permeability jump. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2020.
  • C. K. Sahu , A. J. Butler, M. J. Bickle & J. A. Neufeld, The effects of heterogeneity on solute transport in porous media: Anomalous dispersion. 2019 (Forthcoming).
  • C. K. Sahu & J. A. Neufeld, Experimental insights into the gravity-driven flows and mixing in layered porous media. 2020 (Forthcoming).