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Department of Earth Sciences




2019–present: PhD in Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge (Oliver Shorttle & John Rudge, supervisors)

2016–2018: Master of Science in Earth & Planetary Sciences, McGill University (Nicolas Cowan, supervisor)

2011–2015: Bachelor of Science in Earth System Science, McGill University (Boswell Wing, supervisor)

Relevant work experience

2019: Research assistant, Department of Earth Sciences, Freie Universität Berlin (Lena Noack, supervisor)

2018: Research assistant, Department of Physics, McGill University (Nicolas Cowan, supervisor)



Many rocky exoplanets may not experience Earth-like plate tectonics. I model how these planets build up topography through various other mechanisms. I am interested in the relationship between topographic propensity (as a function of observable planetary bulk properties) and the distribution of land and oceans on the surface.


Key publications: 

Ortenzi, G., Noack, L., Sohl, F., Guimond, C. M., Grenfell, J. L., Dorn, C., Schmidt, J. S., Vulpius, S., Katyal, N., Kitzmann, D., & Rauer, H. (2020). Mantle redox state drives outgassing chemistry and atmospheric composition of rocky planets. Scientific Reports, 10.

Guimond, C. M. & Cowan, N. B. (2019). Three direct imaging epochs could constrain the orbit of Earth 2.0 inside the habitable zone. The Astronomical Journal, 157, 5.

Guimond, C. M. & Cowan, N. B. (2018). The direct imaging search for Earth 2.0: Quantifying biases and planetary false positives. The Astronomical Journal, 155, 230.

PhD Research Student
 Claire Marie Guimond

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Bullard Laboratories
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Cambridge
Madingley Rise


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