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Conor Bacon

Conor Bacon

Research Student

Geophysics, Geodynamics and Tectonics


The primary focus of my research is the production and analysis of high fidelity catalogues of microseismicity. I have worked extensively on an open-source project which we hope will act as a framework for generating such catalogues using waveform backprojection. This project is hosted on GitHub. I am a strong proponent of open-source and reproducible research, with a specific interest in the production of high-quality, robust, and easy-to-use software.

I have worked with the Cambridge Volcano Seismology group investigating shallow crustal structure in the Northern Volcanic Zone in Iceland as inferred from observations of shear-wave splitting, a manifestation of seismic anisotropy.

I am also a part of the northern Borneo Orogeny Seismic Survey (nBOSS). This involved a two year deployment of 46 seismic instruments across Sabah, Malaysia. I have been using this dataset to investigate seismicity on a system of faults around Mount Kinabalu, a 4095 m mountain that is the result of an uplifted granitic pluton. Very little is known about this fault network, despite the serious seismic hazard it poses to those living in the vicinity of the mountain.


2017-present: PhD candidate, Dept. Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge

2013-2017: MSci Natural Sciences (physical)

Specialised in: Particle physics, cosmology and geophysics


Tomography ; Volcanology ; Geophysics ; Seismology


  • Seismology

Key Publications

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