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Department of Earth Sciences



2018 - today PhD in Geophysics, University of Cambridge

2016-18 MSc in Geophysics, Freie Universität Berlin 

2013-16 BSc in Geological Sciences (Geophysics), Freie Universität Berlin 


My research focuses on adjoint waveform tomography (often referred to as full-waveform inversion or FWI) beneath Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is one of the world's most tectonically active regions as evidenced by frequent large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions which represent a significant natural hazard. Adjoint waveform tomography is especially suitable for imaging such tectonically active parts of the Earth where large contrasts in elastic properties are likely to be present.

As part of my PhD, I have constrained a large-scale 3-D seismic structural model of the crust and upper mantle (down to 800 km), using seismic data filtered at periods from 20 - 150 s. Our new model SASSY21 is capable of resolving variations in seismic properties associated with ongoing subduction (when one tectonic plate descends into the mantle below another plate), particularly along the northern margin of the Australian plate beneath the Sunda Arc. More subtle anomalies associated with remnant subduction, which correspond to plate fragments that remain once subduction stops, can also be imaged.

SASSY21 is publicly available.

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