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Dr Emily G. Mitchell

Dr Emily G. Mitchell

Henslow Research Fellow


Downing Site
Downing Street

Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 333 416

Research Interests

Ediacaran macro-organisms are the oldest large, complex organisms in the fossil record, found 585-540 million years ago, just prior to the Cambrian explosion.  These Ediacaran organisms differ fundamentally from those found at other time periods, making it difficult to resolve their basic biology such as their phylogenetic relationships or their ecology.  However, the in-situ preservation of thousands of these sessile organisms across hundreds of bedding planes provides a near-census record of these first macro-organism communities.  My research utilises complex spatial statistical techniques and theoretical models to extract biological and ecological information from fossil spatial patterns.  These analyses require large datasets, which I record from field sites in Newfoundland, Canada and Charnwood Forest, UK using a laser scanner to create high-resolution 3D maps.  The combination of these three dimensional maps, coupled with spatial point process analyses, enables me to test detailed hypotheses relating to Ediacaran life.

I am a Henslow Junior Research Fellow at Murray Edwards College.

My publications can be found here or here, and some laser-scans of Ediacaran fossils found on sketchfab.



Key Publications

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