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Lizzie Knight

Lizzie Knight

PhD Research Student

Active tectonics

Natural hazards

Bullard Labs
Madingley Rise
Madingley Road


My PhD will seek to investigate the relationships between earthquake cycles, geological structures and seismic hazard. One of the major unsolved problems in the Earth Sciences relates to how repeated earthquake cycles produce large-scale features in the landscape (e.g. folds, faults, and mountains). These structures can be used to infer the characteristics of "paleoearthquakes", and so understanding their formation may allow us to improve estimates of seismic hazard by extending our knowledge of the earthquake record in particular locations.

This project will involve a multi-method approach, making observations of all stages of the earthquake cycle using seismological, geomorphological, geodetic and field data. Comparing datasets on different timescales and in different locations will hopefully reveal which aspects of earthquake-cycle deformation are preserved in the geological record as topographic structures. Possible case study locations include India, Iran, Greece and East Africa.


earthquake geology ; Geophysics ; Geodesy ; Seismology


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